The Alarming Rate At Which Christianity Is Being Replaced By Islam

Millions of Americans fail to realize that what happens in Great Britain generally happens here in America a few years later. The hippie and free love movement back in the 1960s started in Great Britain and quickly spread to our shores, especially the western shores of California.  Around the same time, the Beatles surfaced and changed the sound of music in our country. National Health Care was launched in Great Britain long before anyone thought it would materialize here, but alas, thanks Read more […]

Belgium to be Europe’s Next Islamic Nation

Islam is spreading like a mold throughout a loaf of bread. What once was clean and good to eat soon becomes corrupted and destroyed by a nasty fungus that in time consumes the entire loaf and makes it inedible. Last August I wrote about my close friends in the United Kingdom and how they were telling me long before the 9-11 attacks that Muslims were moving into certain neighborhoods and taking over.  When enough of them moved into one area, they began to dominate the entire culture of that city Read more […]