Kill a Prisoner to Harvest Organs?

A prisoner is asking to be killed because he wants to harvest organs for his parents. According to WARN-TV in Nashville, “Tennessee inmate asks to die to help ailing parents live.” An inmate housed at the Turney Center in Hickman County is asking the Tennessee Supreme Court to allow him the right to die in prison so his organs can be harvested for his ailing parents. Kenneth Thomas, 37, is not ill. In fact, other than being asthmatic, he reports being in relatively good health. Thomas was Read more […]

Choosing to Die Will Become Required to Die

People who are pursuing a dignified death now are paving the way for a time when the inconvenient are required to die. Once you make the decision that suffering has no purpose, and life is only valuable because of what it can produce… you are but a breath away from mandatory death. Via “How ‘Dying with Dignity’ Becomes the Duty to Die.” Now many people ask, as a young person I know did, “Why should we Christians, who oppose assisted suicide, impose our beliefs Read more […]

Brittany Maynard Delays Date with Death

Though she declared her plan to kill herself on November 1, now Brittany Maynard delays her suicide. I’m very sorry that Maynard has a terminal disease that means she will die young. I’m glad she wants to go on living for the moment. But her willingness to both advocate legalized suicide and to recommend taking advantage of the law was foolish and wrong. How would Maynard feel if the groups that were supporting her “right to die” told her that her mixed signals were hurting the Read more […]