The King of Life

Jesus Christ arose as the King of Life. We need to face up to the fact of death to realize the value of the gift he offers us. March 24th seemed like a normal day and number 9525 to Duesseldorf seemed like a routine flight as it departed from Barcelona, Spain. No one who boarded that flight had any idea what was in store for them that day. If they had, they would never have entered the aircraft. Most of the passengers probably had a thousand other things on their minds and no idea at all Read more […]

Reporter’s Death — Were Feds Involved?

Everybody’s thinking it, I’m just saying it. When award-winning journalist Michael Hastings was killed Tuesday in a fiery one-vehicle crash, the first question in many journalists’ mind was, what story was he working on? Thanks to the release of an email sent hours before his death, we still don’t know the angle, but we have an idea of the topic, and we also know that Hastings considered it a big story. KTLA was provided the email by one of the recipients, whose names were blurred out. It Read more […]

Study Shows Abortion Increases Risk of Dying in First Year by 80%

Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers continually tell women that there is no risk in having an abortion.  If you believe that lie, then I have some land to sell you in Outer Mongolia. Last year, 24 year old Tanya Reaves was murdered at the Loop Health Center Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago.  She began hemorrhaging during her procedure and the staff let her lie there for five and half hours before calling for an ambulance.  By the time she arrived at the hospital emergence room, Read more […]

The Death of Evangelicalism?

In early 2009, the late Michael Spencer (aka the Internet Monk, or iMonk) wrote an article entitled “The Coming Evangelical Collapse.” In this article, Spencer gave his assessment of the future of the evangelical movement. His forecast was not a pleasant one, especially for those who believe that evangelicalism is doing just fine. I tend to agree with most of Spencer’s reservations about the effectiveness of the movement in the years and decades to come, and like Spencer I also believe that Read more […]

The Death Tax Must Die

The Death Tax is set to increase as part of the “fiscal cliff,” over which the U.S. economy will be thrown come January when tax cuts will expire, taxes will increase and irrelevant budget cuts will be made. Currently, on estates worth $5 million or more, a 35% tax is levied. Next year, that percentage is set to increase to 55% on estates worth $1 million or more. Obama’s “compromise” is a 45% tax with a $3.5 million exemption. Farmers and ranchers will be hit the hardest even though Read more […]