Mysterious Banker Deaths Have Not Stopped

While we worry about climate change, and Jenner’s first name, the mysterious banker deaths continue and are not investigated. Here is an addendum to what I wrote about Senator Whitehouse and his smoke-and-fire cliché: If you think there’s a lot of “smoke” indicating fire when it comes to climate change… here’s a subject on which a full ten-alarm blaze is underway. Consider this report from Wall Street on Parade: “Wall Street Banker Deaths Continue; Where Are the Serious Investigations?” Last Read more […]

Fifth Dead Banker Found in a Month

And then there were… five. For those who have been following my posts on such matters… here we have another passing in the major banking community, and his LinkedIn reveals interesting details about his position within the bank–especially when you put it in the context of the other deaths among such men recently. From the Stamford Daily Voice: “Ryan Henry Crane, 37, Of Stamford, Worked For J.P. Morgan.” Ryan Henry Crane of Stamford died Monday, Feb. 3. He was 37. Crane was Read more […]

Why Are Bankers Dying?

One is simply life. Two in quick succession gets your attention. Three… well, let’s just say it leads some of us to begin looking for connections and a catalyst. From; reported posted on January 31: Bloomberg is reporting this morning that former Federal Reserve economist Mike Dueker was found dead in an apparent suicide near Tacoma, Washington. Dueker, 50, a chief economist at Russell Investments, had been missing since Jan. 29 and was reportedly having troubles at work. Normally Read more […]