Debbie Wasserman Schultz Explains Why Young Women Lack Enthusiasm for Hillary

Why would anyone want Hillary Clinton as President? Between her email scandal, her role in Benghazi, her husband, and many other factors, it is surprising that she has a chance of becoming President. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels that way. Older Democrats detect a lack of enthusiasm for Hillary among younger liberals. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was recently interviewed in the New York Times and she was asked about this issue. Do you notice a difference between young women and women Read more […]

The Most Dangerous People On Earth Want You to Be Scared of Cliven Bundy

From USA Today, Reid said Thursday that Bundy “revealed himself to be a hateful racist.” He called on Republicans to help show “a united front” by condemning Bundy. From the Democratic leader’s statement: “It is the height of irresponsibility for any individual or entity in a position of power or influence to glorify or romanticize such a dangerous individual, and anyone who has done so should come to their senses and immediately condemn Bundy. For their part, national Republican Read more […]

Lots of Encouraging Election News

The Democrats are accusing Mitt Romney of being Pro-Life. I know Romney’s abortion views have been suspect, but the Democrats think he’s anti-abortion. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made this point over and over again in her revealing interview with Anderson Copper, so let’s go with it. To add insult to Debbie’s injury, “Internal polling rates her the least effective of all Obama campaign surrogates.” Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her on the interview circuit There’s a news Read more […]

Obama Wants to Throw Granny Under the Medicare Bus

How many times have we heard liberals claim that conservatives want to “throw granny under the bus” because we want to drastically reduce the government’s role in healthcare? Or, they’ll say that we want to “throw everybody out in the street” because we want to privatize Social Security. We point out that government policies and programs are the problem. They’ve been instrumental in impoverishing more people by creating widespread dependency. How many people do you think didn’t save enough money Read more […]

Democrat “States’ Rights” Deception Exposed

Following Barack Obama’s announcement that he personally backs same sex “marriage,” a group of California Democratic lawmakers is advocating a flip-flop in the official Democratic Party Platform. More than two dozen members of the California Democratic congressional delegation have now signed on to a “Freedom to Marry” letter urging the Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee to adopt President Obama’s pro-sodomy position. Democrats in other states often follow California’s lead. Democratic Read more […]