House Votes to Cut Food Stamps, Dodges Real Problem

The House, in a mostly partisan vote, approved a bill Thursday to cut $4 billion per year from the food stamp program. The 217-210 vote was opposed by Democrats and a few Republicans. The bill aims to save the money, which amounts to about a 5 percent reduction in funding, by including new work requirements, putting limits on how long single people without children can receive food stamps, and implementing drug testing of program participants. Majority leader Eric Cantor said that the program, Read more […]

Talk of ‘Sequestration’ is a Cover for Growing the State

Politicians love to make up words to cover up what they’re really trying to do. It’s no different with a big word like “Sequestration.” Ask the guy on the street what it means, and he’ll just stare back at you. All he knows is that President Obama is trying to help the little guy, and that’s all that matters. It’s the evil Republicans who are at fault. “Keep your eye on the Sequestration card while I grow the economy, tax more of your tax money, and buy more votes. Just follow the Sequestration card.” Read more […]

It’s Time to Start Planning to Pickoff Establishment Republicans

  Too much emphasis is placed on the Executive office when it comes to elections. While I would like to capture the White House, it isn’t necessary. The Senate was originally designed to protect the interests of the states. Unfortunately, popular elections have changed that constitutional provision. Senators are little more than 3-term congressmen. If we’re going to keep the House and expand its numbers and take back the Senate, we’ll have to start planning today. The first thing Read more […]

The Church of the Dark Shadows

Continued from “The Bible or the Bayonet” It is one thing to say that America is in the state that it’s in because the church hasn’t been doing its job, but it’s completely another to propose a solution to begin turning the tide back again. Not only is the American church asleep at its post, it is completely oblivious and apathetic in the few short hours that it is awake on Sunday mornings. And, as Mark Steyn points out, this is exactly what must happen for tyrants to flourish: “Big government Read more […]

$2.3 Trillion Vanishes and Nobody Asks Where It Went

Our government can “lose” $2.3 trillion the day before the world’s largest terrorist attack, and nobody seems to care. That’s 14% of our current national debt, gone and no questions are  asked. And if an honest government accountant tries to do his job in finding out where this money went, he gets harassed and reassigned by his supervisors who ask him, “Why do you even care?” Wasteful government spending is the name of the game in Washington. They waste taxpayer money all the time Read more […]