The Federal Government Displays Corporate Greed

Corporate greed is when a corporation hunts down and takes massive amounts of revenue for itself and yet still wants more. The headline at makes it sound as if someone is breaking the law and committing criminal tax evasion, when they are actually simply following the law so that they don’t have to pay excess taxes. Corporations should prefer to limit their expenses so that they can offer better goods and services at a better price. There is nothing wrong with that. Here is the Read more […]

Jeb Bush Is Right about Soak the Rich

When he points out that tax breaks for the rich are not “unfair,” Jeb Bush Is right. I suppose this Politico headline will enrage many voters: “Jeb Bush defends tax breaks for wealthy.” The wealthiest Americans would receive sharply higher tax breaks under Jeb Bush’s tax proposal, the former Florida governor says, because they pay a disproportionate share of taxes in the first place. “The simple fact is 1 percent of people pay 40 percent of all the taxes,” Bush said on “Fox News Read more […]

Collecting Record Plunder but Still Adding to the Debt

Despite an amazing amount of tax revenue in 2015, the government is still adding to the debt to the tune of $530 billion! Sometime in 2014 we started to get stories about how the deficit was “lowering.” Since the deficit is always adding to the debt of the nation, the fact that the deficit was lower one year than the year before meant nothing. The National debt keeps growing, and there is no plan to shrink it. If you tell someone their cancer is growing at a slower rate, that can be good Read more […]

Obamacare Deficit Running in the Hundreds of Billions

Instead of the promise of an Obamacare surplus, we have the reality of an Obamacare deficit. “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits.” – Barack Obama. Let us revisit those CBO projections about sign-ups that are not coming true. Promises were made about the financial benefits of the Affordable Care Act, which are now turning into expensive liabilities. According to the American Enterprise Institute, “Now there can be no doubt: Obamacare will increase the deficit.” This Read more […]

Obamacare: “Greatest Act of Fiscal Irresponsibility Ever Committed by Federal Legislators”

While the Administration is claiming that the Affordable Care Act is now so successful that it can never be repealed, there is reason to be skeptical. Consider the words of Charles Blahous about the enrollment figures: Earlier this month there was tremendous press attention to new data indicating that enrollment in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s health insurance exchanges had surpassed 7 million. The White House took a victory lap while much of the press, desperate to write something positive Read more […]

Debt Slavery Piling On Since the Government “Shutdown” Ended

Back when the so-called Government “shutdown” was in effect, the media treated the Republicans who made it happen as if they had polluted a well that was needed for drinking water. They had stopped the source of all good things. The media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) kept saying we needed to raise the debt limit in order to pay our creditors. So they admitted that they only wanted to go into more debt in order to merely pay interest on other debt. Soon afterwards, the Republicans Read more […]

Tea Party Is Not Enough: The Budget Insanity

At the Open Market blog, Wayne Crews quotes a statement from the Huffington Post that deserves some contemplation: In the lead-up to the State of the Union…a briefing theme was that President Barack Obama has little appetite for a debt reduction deal and no plans to further tackle deficit reduction. Sounds plain enough, but it is an immense change from the days when he was promising to cut the deficit in half. Crews launches an on-target critique of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress: They Read more […]

USA Today’s Good News Shows Readers How Bad The Looming Debt Crisis Will Be

The fact that this is considered positive news about the deficit demonstrates how doomed we really are: The budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2013 dropped to $680.3 billion, the government reported Wednesday — the first time in five years the shortfall has been below $1 trillion. Both the Obama administrations and congressional Republicans cited their own cost-cutting efforts. The deficit “is now less than half of what it was when the president took office,” said Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew in Read more […]

Democrats’ “Balanced Budget” Still Results in Huge Deficits

If you were to ask Senate Democrats if they’re in favor of a balanced budget, they would give you a resounding, “Absolutely.” So then, why is it that their $3.7 trillion budget, their first in 4 years, doesn’t balance the budget at all? It does according to them. They’re just equivocating on the word “balance.” They’ll acknowledge that their budget doesn’t balance out numerically, but it was crafted with a “balanced” approach. In other words, they made sure they balanced Read more […]

Chicago Mayor Closing 54 Poor Black Elementary Schools Because of City Deficit

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has just ignited an educational and possibly racial firestorm in the Windy City.  Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff is trying to cope with a billion dollar budget deficit for the city of Chicago. In what could be his most controversial decision as mayor, Emmanuel just announced plans to close down 54 elementary schools.  That alone may not be cause of concern to many, but when he announced which schools would be closing, the match was lit. It seems that Read more […]

Obama’s Budget Sacrifice: Increase Federal Employees’ Pay

“If everybody took an attitude of shared sacrifice, we could solve our deficit and debt problem next week,” said President Obama in August of 2011. “I need you to send a message to folks in Washington: Stop drawing lines in the sand.” Well, this past Friday, the administration informed federal labor unions that part of Obama’s proposed budget will be a one-percent pay increase for them. Pay increases count as sacrifices, apparently. Our country is broke, so we all need to sacrifice some, Read more […]

GOP Proposes Unlimited Borrowing For Government Until May

Apparently, what the GOP meant by temporarily raising the debt limit was “suspending” it altogether. This will give everybody a taste of what it’s like not to have a debt ceiling at all. Writing for Brietbart, Mike Flynn wrote that suspending the debt ceiling would effectively be giving the government a blank check until May:  “With [the debt ceiling in place], the government had more flexibility to manage its affairs while preserving the Constitutional principle that Congress controlled Read more […]