Village Voice Forced to Give Up Child Prostitution Ad Revenue

A recent article in The Hill reported that the Senate passed a resolution to force the Village Voice to take down its “adult entertainment” classifieds section. According to the resolution, the section is often used to promote child sex trafficking. The Senate condemned the Village Voice for being so concerned about money that it had lost its moral compass. Something had to be done to protect the children, so the Senate stepped in. And then I scrolled down to the comments. The top comment Read more […]

Obama-Clinton Push Our Soldiers Into the Philippines

Is the National Security Council abusing steroids? According to the Diplomat, the United States “has reportedly agreed to substantially increase its military presence in the Philippines, increasing the number of troops, aircraft and ships which routinely rotate through the country. Details surrounding the scale of the increase were not made public but Pio Lorenzo Batino, the Philippines deputy defense minister said policy consultations were also held on a framework that would allow Washington Read more […]

Obama’s Plan Has More Spending Than Spending Cuts

John Boehner said that he was “flabbergasted” when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner presented him the President’s budget deal that actually included more spending than spending cuts. Boehner told Chris Wallace on Fox News:  “The president is asking for $1.6 trillion worth of new revenue [higher taxes on the wealthy] over 10 years, twice as much as he has been asking for in public. He has stimulus spending in here that exceeded the amount of new cuts that he was willing to consider. It was Read more […]

The Fiscal Cliff About To Expose Another Medicare Scam

Why would the fiscal cliff mean that doctors would suddenly take a thirty percent cut in their billing? Nothing was said about that last year when the deal was made. Part of the problem is that deal wasn’t made last year. It was made fifteen years ago and then hidden under fig leaves. Those leaves are going to fall away on January 1. Inventing Another “Debt Ceiling” to Raise Back to 1997, the basic bankruptcy of Medicare was too obvious for Congress to deny. They felt they had to do something Read more […]

White House: Obamacare ‘Reduces the Deficit Considerably’

Boehner of all people actually suggested that if Obama is really serious about cutting the deficit, he should agree to at least negotiate on cutting certain portions of Obamacare. He wrote in an op-ed in the Cincinnati Enquirer:  “The president’s health care law adds a massive, expensive, unworkable government program at a time when our national debt already exceeds the size of our country’s entire economy. We can’t afford it, and we can’t afford to leave it intact. That’s why I’ve Read more […]

Another Year another Trillion-Plus Dollar Deficit

Obama made some promises about the deficit in the debate he lost so badly to Romney. He told Romney that he had planned four trillion dollars in cuts. He didn’t mention that these cuts were planned out over a decade. And he didn’t mention the ballooning of Medicare costs that everyone knows will expand suddenly after that decade. Obama is trying to sell us a teaser rate to a balloon mortgage. But as we enter Obama’s fourth consecutive year of a trillion-dollar-plus deficit—something Read more […]

Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago School Crisis

400,000 students are on the streets today after 26,000 Chicago public school teachers walked out on failed contract negotiations. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, feeling the need to state the obvious, said that he wasn’t in favor of the strike and that it was both “wrong” and completely “avoidable.” That’s a small consolation for the Chicago Police Department, which has been put on notice that nearly a half million kids will be without day care until union and school district officials can come to Read more […]