Deficits Bad Under Bush — Deficits Required Under Obama

You can always count on genius economist Paul Krugman to tell the truth … as he sees it. He wrote an article last week, published in the “paper of record” (hah), The New York Times entitled “Moment of Truthiness.” The article was about how voters “are often misinformed and politicians aren’t reliably truthful” when it comes to the deficit. On that point he will get no argument from me. Most voters don’t give two hoots about the federal deficit as they go off to their part-time Read more […]

My Bank Laughed When I ask It to Raise My Debt Ceiling

If I went to my bank and asked for a loan without the equity to back it up and the ability to pay it back, I would not get the loan. If I told them that I could print some money to help with the pay down of the loan, they would most likely have called the police on me. When you’re a politician, you’re almost legally untouchable. When you get elected to office at the federal level, there’s almost nothing you can’t do if you can get enough people to agree with you. It’s a matter of taking Read more […]