How The New Mexico Badged Psychos Justified Anal Rape Torture

The Reason blog pointed to this post where Popehat gets into the specifics of the warrant that was used by the criminal gang of taxfeeders (i.e. cops) who subjected an American citizen to hours of x-rays, anal probes, and enemas for allegedly rolling a stop sign. (Remember 1) the police are admitting no wrongdoing because their “procedures” call for anal torture and they were just following procedure; 2) the Nazi “Medical Facility” is billing the victim for the procedures and threatening Read more […]

New Mexico Man David Eckert Subjected to Anal Cavity Search for Suspicious Posture

KOB4 reports: When David Eckert was leaving a Deming, New Mexico Wal-Mart parking lot, he rolled through a stop sign and unleashed a humiliating chain of events that almost stupefies belief. Deming police quickly pulled him over, and because a stop sign roll-through is obviously one of the typical earmarks of a danger to society, they asked Eckert to step out of his car. This is where things got crazy. (That is, if you don’t already think it crazy that the police are stopping people for harmless Read more […]