Jefferson and Jackson Exiled from Democrat Party in the Name of Inclusiveness

Is the Democrat Party showing it is inclusive or that it wants to pretend that it has no questionable past? Our ancestors sinned. Duh. I don’t mean the ones who were losers and whom history has forgotten. Even our great forefathers who built us a legacy that we enjoy committed serious sins. Does that mean we should reject them and claim they contributed nothing to us? Or does that mean we should forget them and pretend they never existed? I ask because the Democrat Party has decided Read more […]

Kirsten Powers Tells Fellow Democrats They Are on the Wrong Side of History

Kirsten Powers pulls no punches in her column for USA Today. Kirsten Powers can be fairly nauseating when she pumps up same-sex “marriage,” or writes propaganda for Hillary Clinton against Rand Paul. But she does, with that record, show that the truth of abortion should not be controversial at all. Anyone can see it! In fact, many people do but are intimidated into silence. So, if I can’t respect Powers’ ideological commitments (as a whole), I certainly respect her courage. I have to Read more […]

The GOP Candidate Who Scares Dems the Most?

Rand Paul is the GOP candidate who has been attacked more times by DNC social media than any other Republican candidate. The Hill reports, The Democratic National Committee has unleashed relentless attacks on a handful of GOP candidates in the ever-widening 2016 presidential field, while virtually ignoring others. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush have emerged as the DNC’s top punching bags, while the committee has mostly disregarded other Read more […]

A Smoking Gun Showing that Obama Used the IRS?

Judicial Watch claims they have evidence Obama used the IRS to audit critics. While I acknowledge that Wayne Root may be a publicity hound, there’s too much smoke around his case not to reasonably suspect a fairly big fire raging in the background. Where that fire initiates could be yet another reason to nail the IRS’s coffin shut, permanently. Here is a recent post of his about it: “The Smoking Gun That Ties the IRS Scandal to Obama and Democratic Party.” The IRS scandal just won’t Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Is Not Leftist Enough for Many Dems

Bernie Sanders is now running for President to provide a Leftist alternative to Hillary Clinton. I honestly can’t make up my mind if this is: A genuine attempt to get a more extreme Leftist into the White House than Hillary Clinton. An attempt to have a viable candidate available in case Hillary Clinton’s scandals erupt and destroy her campaign. An attempt to make Hillary Clinton look mainstream by comparing her to an even more extreme leftist. Whatever his possible motives, Bernie Read more […]

Is Senator Bob Menendez a Political Target?

Sure, Bob Menendez is corrupt. But who isn’t? We still need to ask why he is actually being prosecuted. People want to believe that their government is protecting them, rooting out corruption, and punishing criminals. So any time there is a political struggle between two factions, it is of great benefit to one side or other to push their attack on the other side by finding an excuse to prosecute them for their criminal behavior. That way, the people think they have evidence that their government Read more […]

Is President Obama Happy that Senate Democrats Lost?

Barack Obama acts empowered now that he no longer has to placate Senate Democrats. It seems like an absurd notion, but ever since I read it, I have not been able to see anything wrong with the proposal. Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMag makes the claim: “Obama Takes on His Own Party.” Party loyalty never existed for the career leftists running the White House. Obama never had any allegiance to the Democratic Party. The donkey was just a convenient ride to the top until it dropped dead Read more […]

Yes, Give Up on the South, Dems!

This is how liberals get used to defeat: declaring they should give up on the South. I pointed out yesterday the significance of Mary Landrieu’s defeat in Louisiana—how she was not only defeated, but her Democratic allies all abandoned her because she had no chance of winning. It seems the new realities are really stinging the Democrats, if this Daily Beast editorial by Michael Tomasky is representative: “Dems, It’s Time to Dump Dixie.” With Landrieu’s departure, the Democrats Read more […]

Bill Clinton Has Become the Reagan of the Democrats

Democrats are longing to re-create the days of Bill Clinton in office. It isn’t hard to see why Republicans want another Ronald Reagan. Even if some may have decided that his policies didn’t always match the hopes he raised, at least he raised hopes by articulating a genuinely conservative vision of life under the rule of law, with a free market and a limited role for government. Reagan represents the “gold standard” for American conservatism for many Republicans for that reason. Of Read more […]

Is Barack Obama’s Ego Campaigning for the GOP?

Is there any explanation other than Barack Obama’s ego for why he refuses to leave Senate Democrats alone in the upcoming election? Watch the latest video at Fox News reports this like it is a matter of ego, under the headline, “GOP favor? Obama says embattled Dems ‘strong allies’ who ‘supported my agenda.’” I wonder if there is some other explanation. The president, during a radio interview on Monday, claimed Democratic candidates who are avoiding him Read more […]

More Barack Obama Secrecy: Political Travel

Obama secrecy is all too common despite promises about “transparency.” Imagine having an employee, with a company credit card, and he’s always taking trips billed to you. He admits many of the expenses he charges are his own responsibility, but he refuses to show you the actual details of his spending. How long would that person remain an employee? [See also, “Most Transparent Administration in History Gives Advocacy Group State Secrets Privilege.”] But CBS News reports, “How Read more […]

Democrat Strategy: Use Power of Suggestion to Transfer Their Delusions to Voters

So how do you deal with a major policy failure that is completely the responsibility of your party? From Harry Reid’s statements it seems you concentrate on living in a fantasy world and then trying to cajole listeners to join you in that fantasy. The CNS News headline focuses on Obamacare, but the first quotation in the story strikes me as even more bizarre. As he outlined the Democrats’ “agenda for the middle class” on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told a news Read more […]