Vote Republican so You Can Make Obama’s List

Ah, Election Day, the day when we plebeians get to cast off our shackles and overthrow our masters — or not. Every election is important to the larger community, but some elections stand out as being potential game changers. This is one of those. Having been ignored by the majority of voters in the past two presidential elections, conservatives might be excused for being excited about today. The past two presidential elections were opportunities to prevent America from falling into a death Read more […]

GOP Chris Christie’s Democratic Ways Leads To Highest Poverty Level In 52 Years

For the past year I’ve been saying that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a Democrat in Republican clothes.  Earlier this year, I raised the question if Christie could run for re-election this November on both the Republican and Democratic tickets because of his very liberal policies. To list just a few of his liberal ways that makes him look more like a Democrat than a Republican, I’ll start with his anti-Second Amendment stance on wanting to ban any form of assault or assault-style Read more […]

NY Dem in Trouble for Noticing Some People Have Brown Skin

State politics are not usually as interesting as national politics, but here we have a good story involving a New York state assemblyman named Dov Hikind. Despite Hikind’s being a Democrat, I will come to his defense here because he did nothing wrong. Hikind, a white man (yes, that’s relevant), hosted a costume party at his home in Brooklyn for the Jewish holiday Purim. Hikind’s costume consisted of a basketball jersey, a black man’s afro, and brown makeup for his face (blackface). This offended Read more […]

The Makings of a Good Democrat

A week ago Thursday, Joseph D. Morrissey, a Delegate to the Virginia legislature introduced a bill into the Virginia House of Delegates (similar to House of Representatives in most states), to ban assault weapons and other gun control measures.  In an attempt to shock his fellow politicians, he suddenly held up an AK-47 assault rifle and told his colleagues that no one needs to own one of those horrible weapons.  Morrissey spoke out against all forms of violence, especially violence committed with Read more […]