Stumped by Difference Between Socialists, Democrats

One of the more interesting presidential candidacies this election is that of Bernie Sanders. As an avowed and proud socialist, Bernie is the brazen epitome of what many Democrats have spent a lifetime denying. The party of Progressivism, Democrats in recent generations have been gun shy about proclaiming their real views, although very occasionally one in high office will slip and admit a fondness for Mao, Stalin or some such. The shyness of many modern Democrats is a far cry from the chest-thumping Read more […]

GOP Run States Best for Business Economic Competitiveness

When I was growing up, my dad always told me that the Republican Party was for the rich people and the Democratic Party was for the working people.  As I became old enough to vote (the year I turned 21 was the year they lowered the voting age to 19), I saw the two parties differently than my dad.  I saw the Republican Party as the Party for business and economic growth and the Democratic Party was all about unions and stopping companies from being successful. Forty years later, I am more certain Read more […]

A Black Man Has Just Left the Liberal Plantation

I don’t follow the NFL unless the Steelers are winning. At this point in time, the Steelers are on the verge of playoff elimination, so I haven’t been paying attention to much football talk. All of a sudden a story appears about Robert Griffin III who’s the quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Unlike the Steelers, the Redskins are winning. This makes Griffin a popular guy in DC, except with some blacks. Griffin may have made the biggest mistake in his young life by saying that he did Read more […]