When Puppy Love Means Disaster: Pets as a Sign of Demographic Winter

As another warning of demographic winter, the headline at the New York Post is arresting: “More young women choosing dogs over motherhood.” If you’re wondering why playgrounds around the city are so quiet and dog runs are packed, a new report has an answer: More and more US women are forgoing motherhood and getting their maternal kicks by owning handbag-size canines. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that a big drop in the number of babies born to women ages 15 Read more […]

This Is How the World Ends: Childless Women Doting On Dogs

The New York Post has a story that should scare anyone who wants to see a viable civilization continue in North America in the next century. For the record, not all women are called to be married, not all married couples are able to have children, and there is nothing wrong with a childless woman owning a pet dog. I’m not condemning any individual, just pointing out a disturbing trend. America’s next generation of youngsters should be called “Generation Rex.” If you’re wondering Read more […]

How Long Before We See a U.S. Version of “Do It For Denmark”?

This ad addresses an extremely serious problem. Denmark is facing a winter that will be colder than anything they are used to in that country—a Demographic winter. From the Life News website: Danish travel company Spies Rejser has introduced a campaign to encourage Denmark natives to procreate. Specifically, the company has launched a competition encouraging couples to schedule their vacations during the woman’s ovulation cycle in the hopes that they will conceive during their travels Read more […]

Demographic Winter Already Reaching The College Bubble

When I saw the headline at Bloomberg.com I thought it was going to say something dismissive about the intelligence and academic abilities of children in the Midwest: “Dwindling Midwest High School Grads Spur College Hunt.” But no. It is not that the children of the Midwest have fewer high school graduates among them. It is that there are fewer Midwest children who can graduate. Because there are fewer Midwest children.  A waning number of high school graduates from the Midwest is sparking a Read more […]

Invest in Premium Pet Products … But Not in Our Future

If you’ve ever gone walking on any of the millions of trails in any of the myriad state and national natural parks and preserves all over the country, you probably have some indication of what the modern American modular family looks like—husband, wife, and pet(s).1 It is increasingly common for Americans to treat their pets Read more […]On the West Coast perhaps more than the East, you might also see a few homosexual couples with pet(s) posing as “families” as well. The common factor: no kids. [↩]

Why Liberals Will Become Extinct

What do the destruction of the traditional family, abortion-on-demand, homosexual rights, and the sexual revolution have in common? Aside from being pet projects of the liberal agenda, they are also driving the biggest (and least publicized) crisis of Western civilization: below replacement fertility rates. A fairly recent documentary film, Demographic Winter, outlines the causes and civilization-destroying effects of the precipitous downturn in fertility among Western nations. Though liberals Read more […]