Why Believe The Obamacare Law Got More Attention Than The Obamacare Website?

Everyone wants to believe that government is magic and everyone who says they don’t believe in magic is maligned as an “anarchist.” We see this especially in TV shows which show cops, detectives, crime scene investigators, and forensic scientists, all working miracles on the government’s dime—showing nothing but devoted concern for doing right. Yet you will notice in these productions that the hero cop or detective or whatever other public official is the champion of the story usually Read more […]

The Birds And The Bees: A Lesson For Liberals

Governor Rick Perry of the God-fearing land of Texas signed into law yesterday restrictions that would limit abortions to take place only in surgical centers and would require, as the Associated Press explains it, “doctors who work at abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privilege,” adding that “Only five of the 42 abortion clinics in Texas…currently meet those new requirements. Clinics will have a year to either upgrade their facilities or shut down after the law takes effect in October.” Hey, Read more […]

Evil: A Sad Reality, And Therefore A Reality Denied By Liberals

There is evil in the world. It does not exist in non-sentient, inanimate objects; it exists in people. Evil is stored in our hearts and then discharged in the form of lies, in the form of stealing, in the form of violence, etc. While stealing is an evil that can be implemented using only our hands, violence is an evil that can be implemented using virtually any object. But the object itself is not evil; the object is the conduit, be it a fist, a hammer, a brick, a rock, a stick, or a gun. Liberals Read more […]