Government Gives Away More than a Half-Billion Dollars by Obamacare Mistake

First we are told government can do a better job in healthcare and then an Obamacare mistake pays out more than $572 million! For years we have been propagandized about how private health insurance is so bad in this country and needs to be fixed. (This wasn’t entirely untrue, but what was wrong with private health insurance was due to government interventions that were never acknowledged.) We were also told how inefficient healthcare is. It needs to go electronic, for example, and the government Read more […]

Government Bureaucrats Can’t Predict Our Economic Future

Whether it is managing healthcare or alternative energy, our government bureaucrats repeatedly fail to see our economic future. As we all know, our stock market is finally starting to shred the delusions that have built it up over the past months and years. One major domino that started the cascade was China’s experience of the same thing. When China started to show major signs of shredding, Jack Lew was asked about it. Jack Lew is President Barack Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury. I’d Read more […]

For Ninety Days the Debt Level Remains Exactly the Same at the End of Every Day

You can’t enforce the debt level when the government has the power to manipulate it. I reported back in April that the Treasury Department was playing the same games with the debt level that it is still playing now. The amount is frozen in place so that the debt level does not exceed the legal limit. Then it was a forty-day freeze. Now it has remained frozen at the same level for fifty more days. Thus, CNS News reports, “90 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.” The Read more […]

Tea Party Candidate Trying to Protect Republican Brand from Major TARP Villain

  I have no idea if Tim Donnelly has a chance of beating Jerry Brown or not. I don’t have much of an idea of how good a governor he would be. It is hard to imagine him being worse than Brown. My main worry is I don’t see why anyone would want the responsibility of trying to fix California. Financially, it looks like mission impossible. But the “mainstream” Republican contender makes me sick at my stomach. Did everyone else know that Neel Kashkari identified himself Read more […]