Another Obamacare Delay? Will Congress Ever Impeach This Dictator?

Remember how outraged and self-righteous Democrats became during the government non-shutdown about the idea of defunding or even delaying Obamacare? So many grand and pompous speeches were delivered. So many pundits claimed the Republicans had destroyed themselves. And now the media doesn’t even hide the way Obama is using self-appointed dictator powers to stop the law from going into effect in order to try to keep his party from losing power! From The Hill: As early as this week, according Read more […]

Executive Branch Claims Businesses Must Only Lay Off Employees For Approved Reasons

Yes I know that the Legislative and Judicial branches have robbed employers of their authority in this area, but that was done, however wrongfully, in a legal way. The Administration’s latest dictatorial move is not only executive overreach in itself, but has also entailed some much more insane acts of aggression against businesses—which the Executive Branch has not hesitated to perpetrate. As you probably know, Obama has once again criminally assumed legislative powers and changed the Affordable Read more […]