The Disabled Oppose the Right to Die

Despite darlings propped up in the media, many of the disabled see the right to die as a knife against their throats. Are all the disabled desperately pining for their state to pass right to die legislation? Or do they fear that such legislation will be used to pressure them into a decision for suicide? Wesley J. Smith writes at the National Review, “Disability-Rights Champions Against Assisted Suicide.” [See also, “Choosing to Die Will Become Required to Die.”] People who may only Read more […]

The Nazis among Us Keep Killing Minorities and Disabled

Nazis claim to be Liberals because they are soooooo compassionate. Seriously: What do you call a movement that ardently defends homicide with a special emphasis on the disabled and on racial minorities? Does this name change if the members of the movement insist that society is better off with the disabled being killed and that even minorities are better off if they are kept more “minor” by the slaughter of more of their children? The Lifenews site just ran a story about a prominent Read more […]