Why Conservatives Should Hope Lindsay Lohan’s Lawsuit Fails

Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto 5 would set a precedent allowing politicians to censor parodies. Saturday Night Live mocks politicians by dressing in their likeness all the time. The First Amendment guarantees that they and everyone else are free to do so. I don’t see how that practice could stand if Lindsay Lohan won her lawsuit against Take 2 Interactive for allegedly “using her image” in their video game, Grand Theft Auto 5. I realize most conservatives probably Read more […]

The ‘Lone Ranger Creed’ and Why Disney Blew it

Disney’s Lone Ranger has proved to be a bust at the box office. What happened? “The Lone Ranger character was created to be a role model for children,” but it’s a very adult film. Most parents aren’t going to take their children to see a movie that’s rated PG-13 no matter their fond memories of the character. I also suspect that most people familiar with the Lone Ranger character don’t trust Hollywood to get the story right. The Lone Ranger could have been a big hit. Disney blew it. Read more […]

Liberal Priorities: Outrage Over “Makeover” For Disney Princess

Because liberals are usually feelers instead of thinkers, they get caught up in the romantic, brainless crap called popular culture more easily than conservatives do. A recalibration of their priorities is in order, especially in light of a recent outrage of theirs: a makeover of the Disney-Pixar character Merida, the heroine of last summer’s Brave. Before being officially inducted into the Disney Princess family, Disney is giving Merida an ever-so subtle character redesign that entails a Read more […]

Disney Drops World Class Athlete Because of Sexual Double Life

Just one day after former world class Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton “admitted to secretly being a Vegas escort, E! News confirms that the all-star athlete will not be participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon, were she was scheduled to speak. . . . News that Hamilton is on the outs with the kid-friendly company comes on the heels of the 44-year-old married mother’s shocking admission that she moonlighted as a Vegas sex worker.” I find Disney’s break with Ms. Hamilton strangely odd. Read more […]