Congress Defrauds Healthcare Exchange; Claims to Be a Small Business

Congress isn’t supposed to be able to use the healthcare exchange, so they broke the rules. This blog has reported on how the President has treated Obamacare as a personal empowerment to give orders rather than as a law in any real sense. Whenever there was a perceived problem, the President would simply change the law to suit his wishes. In a sense, the Supreme Court joined him by changing the law as well in order to make it workable. It seems Congress has been doing the same thing, breaking Read more […]

What ‘Parents’ Magazine tells us about the State of the Union

My wife and I are grandparents to four (and one on the way) grandchildren. So we were surprised when we got two issues of Parents magazine in the mail. We figured that we got on a list because we ordered children’s toys online for Christmas. I started paging through the two issues and noticed that nearly every page had an ad on it. I don’t mind. That’s how they were able to send my wife and me a free year’s subscription. As I was paging through, I came across a “Parents Platform” for Read more […]