The Drive for Ethnic Diversity Takes a Wrong Turn

For the most part, the lack of ethnic diversity  at Clarion University of Pennsylvania and in the surrounding area doesn’t matter too much.  But earlier this month, it became the cause of disappointment to a group of students there and a source of economic trial to the University itself. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that the theatre department of the University was forced to cancel its fall play.  From the Gazette: Student actors and the stage crew at Clarion University arrived Tuesday Read more […]

Professor Secretly Investigated by Diversity Police

The diversity police did not permit him to see the charges against him. There is essentially a secret police in power at California universities. The Daily Caller shows us an example of their work under the headline: “Taxpayer-Funded Diversity Bureaucrats Hound Professor, Compare Reagan Library To KKK Camp.” A professor at California State University, Northridge is appealing a finding by school officials that he retaliated against students who complained of anti-gay and anti-women discrimination Read more […]

Ivy League Schools Only Want Token Asians

Asians realize that Ivy leagues schools, for which they are more than qualified, are using a race quota system to keep them out. The liberal hypocrisy this reveals is amazing. To hear the White Liberal establishment, racial quotas are necessary to help minorities. They never come out and say that they want to use quotas to hamper minorities and support the White majority. But there is reason to believe that the gatekeepers at Ivy League schools have decided that there are too many qualified Asians Read more […]

Space, the Final Frontier: No Straight White Boys Allowed

Gaia forbid a white male should put on a spacesuit and go overpopulating the universe. That’s the short version of the Left’s latest tangent. According to Martin Robbins, writing in The Guardian: “To paraphrase Douglas Adams: ‘Space is white. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly white it is.’ It’s also very male and European. Women in space-colony fiction have generally been presented as sexy walking vaginas, whose main purpose is to provide the male astronauts with Read more […]

The African American Tea Party Convergence

The African American Tea Party cooperation has not started yet, but we really are moving toward it. The main reason I was so unhappy with Jon Stewart making another episode of police brutality into a race issue was that he was emphasizing divisions between people and thus diverting their attention away from their common interest in ending abuse by cops. I wrote that pointing to Garner’s race as the deciding factor or the most significant detail is just a claim, not a self-evident truth. Read more […]

Multiculturalism: A More Critical Look

I raised two children through high school and college, and I’ve found a disturbing anti-American bias is apparent in their multicultural studies. America’s history is presented as a series of racist, ethnocentric, and colonialist abuses. Perhaps a partial undercurrent of truth exists for some of these criticisms. However, every major civilization on earth has been guilty of the same charges at one time or another. To America’ s credit, we evolved and are arguably the most tolerant nation on the Read more […]

Doing Conservatism Wrong: “Minorities And Women Must Be Equal With White Men”

Michael Reisig is a novelist and newspaper columnist. In a piece he wrote yesterday, titled “The American White Male: No Advocacy, No Retribution,” he attempts to offer his conservative point of view on affirmative action and the surge in negative portrayals of whites in TV commercials (as “the dolt, the miscreant, and the character of little importance”). As any conservative must do when broaching these topics, Reisig opens his piece by attempting to immunize himself from accusations of being Read more […]

The One Type of Diversity that Liberals Hate

Former Pres. George W. Bush once stated: “The diversity of America has always been a great strength of this country. Here you can be proud of your cultural heritage, proud of your ancestry, proud of your native language, and still be a proud American.” I don’t mean to single him out for many if not most politicians have said the same thing at some time and although the quotation sounds great there is always something missing from these types of declarations. We’ve heard the constant echoes Read more […]

Would Liberal Professor Tell Students to Stomp on Paper with “Allah” and MLK Written on It

You knew that no liberal professor would ever write “Allah” on a sheet of paper and force students to stomp on it. The same is true of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. You aren’t the least surprised that students were forced to stand on a paper that had JESUS written on it. And you wouldn’t be surprised if you heard of students who were ridiculed by a liberal professor for believing in God or being political conservatives. It goes with the college experience. Deandre Poole, a liberal Read more […]