Eight Ways Robots Keep Us Rich Or Will Make Us Richer

Here they are: Getting stuff from Amazon will stay within the price reach of consumers thanks to robots. Fast food will stay affordable due to automated touchscreen ordering. Clothes are coming more cheaply through the internet. Aldi’s quarter-return machines (not really robots, but that’s not my fault) mean prices can be lower because there is no cost to hire a worker to collect carts. Robots can drive trucks and thus keep the price of transport down. Farm equipment can be robot-driven Read more […]

On Drones, Part 1: Justice Should be Impartial, not Mechanical

We usually blame Hitler for the Holocaust, and he deserves blame, of course. But he didn’t commit genocide with his own hands. He ordered it. It’s hard for me to think that the German soldiers and citizens individually responsible for all that murder were all cold-blooded heartless psychopaths. Something had to be inserted between them and the lives they were taking in order to stifle their human sympathies and assuage their human guilt. That apparatus was mechanized procedure and its human counterpart—bureaucracy. Think Read more […]