Florida Pushes for Real Marriage Amid Bad News

Since we have had a great deal of horrible news in which the courts pretend to replace real marriage—a relationship between one man and one woman—with a relationship between two persons, perhaps we should mention that there is some resistance on this issue. The Florida Attorney General has formally stated that a Vermont civil union cannot be dissolved through divorce. From the Miami Herald: “Bondi formally opposes granting divorce to Lake Worth lesbian.” Florida Attorney General Pam Read more […]

Lesbian “Divorce” = A New Tactic To Get Courts To Force States To Pretend There Is Same-Sex Marriage

From NBC News: A lesbian couple was denied a divorce Wednesday in Alabama because the state doesn’t recognize their legal Iowa marriage. In a one-sentence ruling issued in Huntsville, Circuit Judge Karen Hall said Michelle Richmond and Kirsten Allysse Richmond can’t get a divorce in Alabama — even the uncontested one they were seeking — because they had no way to ask for one “pursuant to the laws of this State.” The Richmonds were legally married in Dubuque, Iowa, in 2012 but later moved to Read more […]

Discouraging Divorce This Way Will Only Discourage Marriage!

From the website: “Kids Against Divorce.” Kids Against Divorce wants to do so much more than raise awareness…we want to start making changes for the better. As Steve Jobs said, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” And so we feel marriage license laws need to be amended such that a marriage license be treated as any other license and held to a minimal level of required education so as to better prepare individuals going into a marriage to Read more […]

Woman Forced to Pay Alimony to Ex-Hubby Who Raped Her Daughter

One of the most bizarre divorce cases I’ve heard of in years just happened to take place in none other than the land of nuts, fruits and flakes – California. A few years back, Carol Abar discovered that her husband Ed had been raping her daughter for the past 16 years.  She immediately filed for divorce which is what most women would do.  But the judge who presided over the divorce case ruled that Carol had to pay Ed $1,300 a month in alimony.  California law allows for a judge in a divorce Read more […]

Allred’s ‘Surprise’ Goes Bust

It has come to light that Gloria Allred’s “October Surprise” has to do with gaining access to sealed testimony concerning Mitt Romney’s involvement with a 1991 divorce case. The case involved Maureen and Tom Stemberg. Tom is the founder of the Staples office-supply chain. Romney’s lawyer, Robert Jones, has said that he wants to review the testimony before giving Allred permission to read it, but Romney himself has already said that he has no objection to it. This is obviously not what Read more […]