DJesus Uncrossed: Saturday Night Live Mocks and Blasphemes Jesus Christ

Saturday Night Live has a long history of irreverence towards many different things.  They have targeted people, corporations and countries.  Sadly, they have a large following of viewers that also have very low moral standards and support a number of liberal views. On February 16, the NBC program went beyond the realms of irreverence to outright blasphemy.  A skit that aired that night wall called ‘DJesus Uncrossed.’  It was an obvious spoof of the highly racist movie ‘Django Unchanged.’  Read more […]

Hollywood Responds to Connecticut Shootings

In the wake of the tragic shootings that took place last Friday in Connecticut, gun-control advocates have come out of the woodwork like a swarm of ants at a picnic. They has filled the many forms of media and communication with anti-gun rhetoric and demands for stricter gun control or the banning of all guns in general. Hollywood, well-known for its liberal politics, is also reacting to the tragedy in a number of ways. American Guns, a series about a family of gun makers that aired on the Read more […]

You Can Use the ‘N’ Word if You’re Artistic and a Comedian

It seems that everything is about race. Comedic actor Jamie Foxx said as much. The “Django Unchained” star said, “every single thing in my life is built around race.” On one level I can understand what Foxx is saying. Blacks have been treated terribly in America. To this day, there is racial bigotry and prejudging. Blacks wear their blackness because their skin is black. There’s no getting around it. “As black folks we’re always sensitive,” Foxx said. “As a black person it’s always Read more […]