Liberal Hate on Teacher; You’ll Never Guess Why

Since we have seen how Rush Limbaugh elicits hatred by simply being generous, perhaps we should point out that such Liberal hate is not as uncommon as people want you to think. So I invite you to turn your attention to this post from Elite Daily: “Mother Bakes Vagina Cookies For 2nd Graders And Bugs Out When Teacher Says ‘No’ (Photo).” Note, the above picture was at the site labeled as “cupcakes” so it may not be an image of the actual cookies that the mother brought to the Read more […]

Rape Victim Stands Up for Todd Akin

It’s hard for men to speak out on the issue of abortion and rape. First, men do not get pregnant, and second, men rarely get raped by women, although it does happen. Rape is not about sex. It’s about power and domination. So when Todd Akin used the phrase “illegitimate rape,” it sounded chauvinistic. Is there any other kind of rape? Isn’t all rape “illegitimate”? By definition, rape is illegitimate. I believe the reason so many men like Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney threw Akin Read more […]