State Department Announces Homosexual Rape of All Traditional Cultures & Nations

If you want to know what John Kerry meant by warning the nations of Africa to disavow the authority of the Bible, he is now telling you. Whatever your cultural heritage, whatever your nation’s values, no matter what religious beliefs your people have cherished and lived by, the big bad USA expects you to receptively accommodate its big demands. According to CNS News, John Kerry, …said the federal government recognizes same-sex marriages of foreign diplomats stationed in the U.S., and Read more […]

TSA Agent Went Beyond Groping During Multiple Sexcations In Dominican Republic

Did you hear the one where the TSA caught a man who had sex with two fifteen year old girls? No? That’s because it never happened. Rather, the man who was caught and charged with having sex with two fifteen year old girls was, in his professional life, one of those brave TSA agents who protects us from terrorism. Add this story to a long list of other ones, including smuggling drugs through the airport. From the New York Daily News: A TSA supervisor was charged Friday with having sex with Read more […]

Obama Administration Uses Embassies To Force Homosexual Marriage Acceptance On Traditional Cultures

Now that Obama suddenly decided to approve of homosexual marriage in 2012, he is showing missionary zeal to confront other peoples of the world with his views. The Dominican Republic, according to Wikipedia, is made up of a majority of Roman Catholics with a sizable Evangelical minority. According to Fox News Latino: Amid calls of protest in the Dominican Republic and a torrent of insults by local religious groups for being openly gay, the United States new ambassador to the Caribbean nation Read more […]