David Frum: Trump Is an “Existential Threat” to “Rule of Money” in GOP

Carson is wacky, but Trump is challenging the rule of money over the GOP. The first is unsettling; the latter, an existential threat — David Frum (@davidfrum) November 28, 2015 I am impressed that David Frum didn’t let his dislike of Donald Trump blind him to this insight. As Tony Lee at Breitbart.com reports, Donald Trump’s ability to remain the undisputed GOP frontrunner in December even though he has hardly spent any money on traditional television advertising that enriches consultants Read more […]

Big Brother Gains a New Foothold in California Charities

When Big Brother is watching you, he can tell anyone he wants about what you are doing. Here is a suggestion: in order to have open government I think there should be a public database that anyone can access in order to find out your complete voting record. Everyone you voted for should be a available as public knowledge to every one of your neighbors. When you apply for a job, the decision maker should have access to your complete voting history. Right? No, that would be awful. It would Read more […]