Stop Ignoring It! Our Debt Is Sinking our Nation

America is the Titanic  and our debt is an iceberg. The Sovereign Man blog points out: “Five complete lies about America’s new $18 trillion debt level.” On October 22, 1981, the government of the United States of America accumulated an astounding $1 TRILLION in debt. At that point, it had taken the country 74,984 days (more than 205 years) to accumulate its first trillion in debt. It would take less than five years to accumulate its second trillion. And as the US government just Read more […]

Rich People Are Hedging Against Doomsday

Survivalist luxury condos are a hot real estate investment for the wealthy who want to survive doomsday. What does it tell us about the times we live in that people are putting down millions of dollars for luxury living quarters—complete with stored food and water—buried in a decommissioned missile silo? From the Wall Street Journal: “For Sale: Renovated Luxury Condo; Can Survive Nuclear Attack.” When Tyler Allen agreed to fork over $3 million in cash for a luxury condominium Read more […]

NASA Warns Of Mayan Calendar Hysteria

NASA is warning that the Mayan calendar predictions about the end of the world on December 21st pose real threats to children and depressed teenagers. They don’t actually think that the world is going to end. They’re warning that rumors of an apocalypse may actually frighten young people to death. The Daily Mail reported:  “David Morrison, an astrobiologist at NASA Ames Research Center, said on Wednesday that he receives a large number of emails and letters from worried citizens, most often Read more […]

Doomsday a Good Day for Beer

I am a fan of good beer. Right now, I have a special beer in my fridge that’s part of Stone Brewery’s Vertical Epic series. It was brewed on 11/11/11 and is not supposed to be drunk until 12/12/12. But there’s a problem. The Mayan Calendar says the world will end that day. (Or was it the 21st?) Let me tell you why I’m not worried. First off, why do people want to use the Mayan Calendar to predict the end of the world even though we don’t use the Mayan Calendar for anything else? Is the Read more […]