More Criminals in Ferguson. Will They Too Get Rewarded?

Why should they be punished if Dorian Johnson was rewarded with a city job? According to a report in the Smoking Gun (“Surveillance Video Shows Tidal Wave Of Looters Ransacking Ferguson, Missouri Market.”), authorities are asking for assistance to identify nearly 200 looters who took part in a grand theft following the decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson. In a bid to identify more than 180 looters, police today released surveillance video from inside a Ferguson, Read more […]

Michael Brown Witness Dorian Johnson Now on Public Payroll

Dorian Johnson, whose story made a city burn, is now working for local government. I thought I was beyond shock. I was wrong. This is beyond unbelievable. The man who caused disruption beyond measure across the country, and untold agony and destruction in his own hometown due to his demonstrably and verified false testimony… has been hired by the government. Here’s a St. Louis Post-Dispatch headline: “Michael Brown witness Dorian Johnson hired to do work for city of St. Louis.” Dorian Read more […]

The Grand Jury Decision: What is Next for Ferguson?

The Grand Jury has ruled; so the question now is: How will people receive the news? [Editor’s note: Obviously this was written soon after the announcement but before the violence was reported. Please pray for Ferguson and St. Louis.] I am so very thankful for the initial, peaceful reaction to the decision in St. Louis County. (At least that is true thus far, as I write this post. I’m praying it continues.)  I commend the prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, for going above and beyond the normal Read more […]

If Witness Changed His Story, What about the Media?

There are so many implications to consider if the witness changed his story. Is this accurate… or more diabolical nonsense? Via the Epoch Times: “Dorian Johnson, Witness in Michael Brown Shooting, Allegedly Changed His Initial Story; Radio Station Backs Off Claims.” Johnson’s claims came under additional scrutiny after a medical examiner’s report said that the six bullets that hit Brown all hit him from the front, as opposed to the back. 100.7 The Viper reported on August 20 that Read more […]