Tucson PD Publishes Names… Unless They are Tucson PD

The Tucson PD published people who had phone contact with suspected prostitutes after first removing the names of police officers. I had seen headlines about this but decided it didn’t rate a post. Now I’ve noticed a new detail that makes it especially noteworthy. I confess I didn’t write about this earlier because I didn’t want to be accused of being “soft” on prostitution. I think prostitution should be prohibited… along with all other forms of adultery and fornication. It seems Read more […]

MSNBC Tax-the-Rich Propagandists Owe Taxes

Funny how people who constantly complain that taxes aren’t high enough for “the rich” don’t seem to be able to pay their own. From Jillian Kay Melchior at the National Review: “MSNBC’s Touré Has the Taxman on His Case.” Touré Neblett, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, owes more than $59,000 in taxes, according to public records reviewed by National Review. In September 2013, New York issued a state tax warrant to Neblett and his wife, Rita Nakouzi, for $46,862.68. Six months Read more […]

Ruling Class Whistleblowers Get Special Treatment

The plea deal for David Petraeus demonstrates that whistleblowers are not all considered equal by our rulers. I used the term “whistleblower” in the headline because whistleblowers are often, especially over the last few years, charged with divulging state secrets. There are others who divulge state secrets, though they usually don’t deserve to be called whistleblowers because their motives have nothing to do with helping the people hold government accountable. According to the law they Read more […]

Harry Reid Makes Racial Joke and Gets Immediately Forgiven

The story has been circulating that Harry Reid made a joke about an ethnicity. This is supposed to be some great scandal. But, because Harry Reid is a Liberal Democrat ruler, he only has to apologize and there is no longer any scandal. Thus, Politico: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is apologizing for comments he made in “poor taste” about Asian people. The apology was prompted by remarks he made Thursday to the Asian Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas and after video was posted by Read more […]

NY Homeland Security Director Sweeps Room With Loaded Glock, Not Hello Kitty Bubble Gun

More proof it’s not average citizens who need to be disarmed, but public officials. Really? Seriously? A State Director of Homeland Security is this irresponsible and clueless? From timesunion.com: Jerome M. Hauer, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s director of homeland security, took out his handgun and used the laser sighting device attached to the barrel as a pointer in a presentation to a foreign delegation, according to public officials. It happened Oct. 24 in Albany at the highly secure state emergency Read more […]

Corrupt, Spying, Criminal Government Gets Cover From A Legal One-Way Mirror

Disgusting developments in the ongoing story of how the government agents colluded with the Left to harass the National Organization for Marriage: NOM’s donor list, contained in a Form 990 Schedule B, which it is required by law to file with the IRS, was obtained in March 2012 by its chief political opponent, the Human Rights Campaign, and subsequently became the subject of several national news stories that centered on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s donation to the group. Though Read more […]

Teen Jailed Over Facebook Comments But Governor Can Make “Terroristic” Threats

A kid can post some joke in poor taste on Facebook and go to jail for “terrorism.” Or, someone can do Google searches for pressure cookers and backpacks and get a visit from a terrorism task force and have his house searched. But when a politician does these sorts of things, it’s no big deal. Everyone “knows” it was a joke. Maine Governor Paul LePage made a joke about blowing up a news media building, and as far as I know, he didn’t get visited by the cops, interrogated by the feds Read more […]

Cop Sues Department For Firing Him For DUI

Have you seen those stupid law enforcement commercials about how police are “cracking down” on drunk-driving? They depict civilians as these lawless, constantly drunk and hiccupping buffoons with alcohol literally pouring out their car as they roll their window down to talk to the police officer. They’ll show the tough-guy cops shining their flashlights in civilians’ cars and eyes, asking them, “Sir, have you been drinking?” They kind of remind me of Buzz Lightyear before he realized Read more […]

Cop Draws Weapon Over Long Wait Time At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

It’s considered reasonable to suggest that local police departments go on witch-hunts for those gun-owning individuals who have even the vaguest history of mental illness. And it’s only “common sense” for mental health professionals to report to the police any and all of their patients that exhibit “potentially violent” behavior. So, shouldn’t that also apply to police officers who exhibit not just potentially violent behavior, but unprovoked violent behavior and a history of such Read more […]

Is Alec Baldwin A Racist? Can’t Be; He’s A Liberal

Alec Baldwin, the movie/TV actor who gets paid millions of dollars to play dress-up and make-believe, and darling of the left, is in the news for allegedly accosting and making racist remarks about a black Washington Post reporter. It started when another Post reporter approached Baldwin on the streets to ask him about a lawsuit against his wife, which prompted the calm, level-headed Baldwin to grab her by the arm and tell her, “I want you to choke to death.” There is a photo of the incident, Read more […]

Obama’s Budget Sacrifice: Increase Federal Employees’ Pay

“If everybody took an attitude of shared sacrifice, we could solve our deficit and debt problem next week,” said President Obama in August of 2011. “I need you to send a message to folks in Washington: Stop drawing lines in the sand.” Well, this past Friday, the administration informed federal labor unions that part of Obama’s proposed budget will be a one-percent pay increase for them. Pay increases count as sacrifices, apparently. Our country is broke, so we all need to sacrifice some, Read more […]

LAPD Shoots And Injures Two Innocent Women

Recently, Piers Morgan quoted one of his favorite statistics to Ted Nugent: “100,000 Americans get hit with gunfire a year.” Nugent was quick to retort:  “Let me stop you there, because I’ve been hearing you say this, and you are so full of crap. Listen to me. That statistic includes bad guys shot by cops and intruders shot by homeowners, so that figure is bogus.”  I wonder if that statistic also includes cops shooting innocent people. In the LAPD’s zeal to find liberal/gun-grabbing/gun Read more […]