Texas Abortionist Killed Babies With His Bare Hands

There’s another murderer masquerading as an OB doctor in Texas whose clinic is being investigated after a few of his employees came forward with their testimonies. Three women and one other anonymous person who were employed by Dr. Douglas Karpen have come forward to testify about the horrific details of what went on at this particular clinic and possibly two other clinics that Karpen owned. Here are some of the things they witnessed from their former boss: delivering live babies during third-trimester Read more […]

Choice For Its Own Sake Leads To Another Gosnell

Let not Kermit Gosnell be the sole face of the horror that is abortion. Gosnell is one man out of an unknown number in a horde who are, no more and no less, killers of babies born and unborn. A majority of these savages will never face punishment for the crimes against humanity they are guilty of, much less be charged. Gosnell is one exception against whom justice was served. Douglas Karpen will hopefully be the next. No claim can be made that a right-wing conspiracy is in the works against Karpen. Read more […]