Why You’re Not Hearing about Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Grisly murders involving decapitations, the killing of infants, the murder of a young immigrant woman, and a callous maniac who doesn’t seem to have any feelings about the atrocious things he’s done. . . Sounds like the kind of stuff you’d be hearing about on the news, right? As much as we hate it, the media love a good real-life horror story. It boosts ratings. It makes money. It’s mercenary but we’re all used to it. So why hasn’t the mainstream media been covering the Philadelphia Read more […]

Abortionist Charged with 7 Counts of First Degree Murder for Aborting Living Babies

It’s been previously reported that Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell was facing charges for using a pair of scissors to cut the spinal cord of late term aborted babies who were still alive. In 2011, one of the workers, Andrea Morton, at the West Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society clinic pleaded guilty to charges and admitted to authorities that Gosnell had showed them how to insert the scissors into the base of the skull and cut the spinal cords of babies that were still alive.  Read more […]