Executive Order: Illegals Get Military Path to Citizenship

A military path to citizenship means that the military is now actively recruiting illegals. For now there are some rules that may help avoid certain problems, but those rules can be changed at Presidential whim. From Breitbart.com: “Obama Enacts Executive Action to Allow Some Dreamers to Serve in Military.” On the day Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation, President Barack Obama enacted an executive action on Thursday to allow certain DREAMers to serve in the military Read more […]

Dear Republicans: Do We Seriously Want Foreign Mercenary Armies?

So we know there are some who are concerned that not enough young people support U.S. military adventurism. We also know that some major Republicans have an inexplicable thirst for “comprehensive immigration control” despite the fact that their base is hostile toward it and the rest of the nation is apathetic about it. Are the Republicans worried we will run out of soldiers? From Breitbart.com: House Republicans are quietly working to insert immigration legislation into the text of the Read more […]

Just Kids With A DREAM?

In light of the immigration bill that the Senate passed yesterday, a mere three days after it was introduced (don’t worry, I’m sure they read all thousand-plus pages of it in that window of time), I want to talk about the hopeless romanticism of the so-called DREAMers. Democrats in 2001 wanted a heart-strings-tugging name to dub their bill that would do a whole bunch of happy things for illegally immigrated college Marxists and Che Guevara wannabes, so they brainstormed until they could come up Read more […]