Cop Threatened Girl to Pose Nude: Not Charged

A threatened girl wants to know why her police assailant is facing no criminal charges. The good news in this case is that that cop quit his job. He is no longer on the police force. But how can a police officer who allegedly threatened a girl to coerce her to pose nude for him (assuming he wasn’t planning to do more than that) not face criminal charges? If you threaten someone to engage in sexual activity how is that not sexual assault? One reason that I would understand was simply Read more […]

Camille Paglia Is Right and Wrong About the National Drinking Age

I loved  Camille Paglia’s great piece at the Time site: “The Drinking Age Is Past Its Prime.” I think every conservative should read it. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act, passed by Congress 30 years ago this July, is a gross violation of civil liberties and must be repealed. It is absurd and unjust that young Americans can vote, marry, enter contracts and serve in the military at 18 but cannot buy an alcoholic drink in a bar or restaurant. The age-21 rule sets the U.S. apart from all Read more […]