Do Traffic Police Have Authority to Ban Burgers for Drivers?

Traffic police obviously have immense authority since they can always find a reason to pull you over… but a hamburger? People can be distracted while they drive for all sorts of reason. Children in the back seat are one example. Mobile smartphones are another. Looking at something interesting as you drive by is yet another. Obviously, if someone is driving dangerously, a traffic cop is within his duties to stop the person. It seems to me that a warning would usually be more than adequate in Read more […]

The CFA Drive-Thru Girl and the (Former) CFO

We call them “natural consequences”: that uncomfortable feeling of being full after eating too much, the hangover after a night of drinking too much, the immediate pain after touching something hot, and the losing of one’s job after doing something stupid. Adam Smith, from Tucson, Arizona, knows about the latter, and he is still feeling the guilt from his stupidity. For those of you who don’t know who Adam is, he is the one with the viral video about Chick-fil-A. Adam sat in the drive-thru Read more […]