Imperial Terrorism and the US Drone “Double Tap” Policy

A recent article in Business Insider with the provocative title “It is Now Common Knowledge that US Drones Bomb Civilian Rescuers” is making the rounds on the internet. Based on a report from Reuters, it makes the claim that U.S. drones typically “double tap” targets. This would mean that it is the normal protocol for drones to strike a target, wait for a period of time, then hit the same target a second time (hence the term “double tap”). The second hit would be likely to hurt civilian Read more […]

On Drones, Part 3: The “Drone Blowback Fallacy”

Christopher Swift wrote a brilliant piece on what he called the “drone blowback fallacy.” I mentioned it at the end of my last article, and I highly recommend you read it. His argument, boiled down to its most basic elements is this: Drone strikes are hurting Al Qaeda more than they are helping it. Al Qaeda’s numbers are growing not because of “drone blowback” but because people are poor. Joining Al Qaeda (like joining gangs in poor neighborhoods in U.S. cities) offers some financial Read more […]

Drone Strikes Make the War on Terror Unwinnable

Imagine the U.S. at some point in the future had as its policy the use of drones to kill U.S. citizens whom the government deemed “militants.” At this point in time, our government would have built up a massive database of citizen biometrics that included our facial structures and expressions, image scans of the retinas in our eyes, our behavior patterns and recordings of what our voices sounded like. And each of those characteristics would be tied to our identity. Since we would be under constant Read more […]