F.E.C. Dems Attack Conservatives in Alternative Media

We were warned that the Federal Election Commission was going to attack conservatives on the internet. As I wrote back in May, whether writing for my personal blog or writing here, I don’t have to hide my political opinions. I can tell you who I’m voting for and who I think you should vote for. But that freedom is not a surprise. The editorial boards of the New York Times and the Washington Post also have it. In fact, everyone should have it. It is called freedom of speech. It is one of the Read more […]

You Can Use the ‘N’ Word if You’re Artistic and a Comedian

It seems that everything is about race. Comedic actor Jamie Foxx said as much. The “Django Unchained” star said, “every single thing in my life is built around race.” On one level I can understand what Foxx is saying. Blacks have been treated terribly in America. To this day, there is racial bigotry and prejudging. Blacks wear their blackness because their skin is black. There’s no getting around it. “As black folks we’re always sensitive,” Foxx said. “As a black person it’s always Read more […]