DEA Agents Bed Down Drug Cartel Prostitutes

DEA agents used drug cartel prostitutes at the sex parties they sponsored. Just the kind of people we want working in law enforcement. It is not hard to find stories that allege that the Drug Enforcement Administration is in bed with one or more of the drug cartels in South America or Mexico. It now turns out that the allegations are more literally true. If drug cartel prostitutes can be considered the proxies for their employer, then we have a situation where DEA agents were quite literally in Read more […]

US Banks Funnel Drug Money? What Else Is New?

Did the banks funnel drug money to Columbian traffickers? The International Business Times reports: U.S.-based accounts at Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), Deutsche Bank AG (ETR:DBK) and Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) were used to channel tens of millions of dollars’ worth of global drug money that was sent to shady Colombian currency brokerages, an affidavit from an undercover Massachusetts detective obtained recently by 100Reporters says. The revelation comes as the U.S. Justice Department has been Read more […]

The U.S. Government Cocaine Connection Gets a Feature Movie

While Hollywood has used the government cocaine connection in fictional pieces, I don’t think it has ever taken a verified story and put it on the big screen. Since I have already covered one “conspiracy theory” today, I thought I might as well bring this trailer to your attention. This forthcoming movie is about the deceased journalist Gary Webb and the story that led to his book, Dark Alliance. This will be a story that we conservatives don’t like, since it involves the Reagan Read more […]

Mexican Vigilantes Not Willing to Give Up Their Guns

One major rationale for government is that it is needed to protect people from criminals. But when governments fail to protect people, they never apologize and commend people for protecting themselves. Instead, they try to disarm the people so that they are no longer able to defend themselves. Much like the Threat Management Center in Detroit and “Glock blocks” in Oregon, Michoacán farmers discovered private solutions to public problems. They got tired of being terrorized and victimized Read more […]

Laundering Money for Drug Cartels and Other Evildoers Is Business as Usual for Banks

One of the reasons the media non-coverage of Fast and Furious falls so far short is that no one reports on how our banks are heavily involved in money laundering for drug cartels. The role of banks in helping whitewash Fast and Furious gets little attention,  and the more general record of banks is also ignored as if it could not possibly be relevant. We have told you about the record of banks on this blog, but there are many confirming sources of information. The Washington blog recently Read more […]