Drug War/Immigration Law Used To Legitimize Nazi Checkpoints: “Are Your Papers In Order?”

Reason Magazine has published a long article about checkpoints. Conservatives might be tempted to favor checkpoints in order to find and deport illegal immigrants. But that is nonsense. There would be lots of ways to find and deport illegal immigrants if the government didn’t actually work against the enforcement of the laws. For example, I have a high school son who I have enrolled for some dual enrollment/dual credit at St. Louis Community College. This is extremely expensive for my budget, Read more […]

Cops, Doctors Got to Sexually Molest & Humiliate Woman Because Dog Said So

Yes, we’ve been through this before. This time the “authorities” changed things up and used there, uh, penetrating thoroughness, on a woman. Nothing about this was right. As we move through the sequence, remember that each step after #3 was taken because no drugs or any other illegal item or substance was found on her person. The woman was pulled stopped at random for additional treatment after coming back into El Paso from Juarez. Unlike our previous story, she didn’t even roll a Read more […]