The Affordable Care Act Makes Needed Drugs Unaffordable

Reason Magazine’s blog post on the topic defines “specialty drugs” as “high-cost medications used to treat complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis.” Despite the high cost of these drugs, many people have used insurance that provided them with these needed medications at a low cost. You know what is coming next, of course. The Affordable Care Act has ended the era of insurance that actually pays for these specialty drugs. The plans require users to pay coinsurance, a percentage Read more […]

Navy Shooter’s Drug Connection Ignored

With the media and politicians looking for something to blame for the Navy Yard shooting, the real cause may be getting overlooked. The media were quick to focus on the dreaded AR-15, the scary-looking “assault rifle” that every toddler can allegedly get his hands on — until it turned out the shooter, Aaron Alexis, hadn’t used an AR-15 but a shotgun, the kind of weapon Vice President Joe Biden recommend people buy for home defense. Marxist politicians like Sen. Dianne Feinstein are using the Read more […]

If Obama had a Son, He’d Look Like These Creeps

A Pinellas County, Florida, school bus driver has been taking a lot of criticism for not physically intervening on July 9 as a pack of teen brutes beat a 13-year-old boy who had refused to buy drugs from them. The boy survived with a broken arm. The bus driver, John Moody, who retired after witnessing the beating, can be heard on a video of the event calling for help over his radio. Based on the little information released about the juveniles, at least one of them tried to sell drugs to Read more […]

Some Public Schools Can’t Handle the Truth

I have been in over 342 public schools across America, and the next generation is literally dying for someone to break into their indoctrinated world and give them the truth found in America’s biblical and constitutional foundations (Hosea 4:6). During my all-school assembly programs (upon invitation from school administrators), I speak on over 26 topics such as drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, sexual morality, media bias, the Constitution, the separation of church and state myth, and the price Read more […]

Is Jesse Jackson Sr. On Drugs During CNN Interview?

Unfortunately, I’ve heard Jesse Jackson speak on way too many occasions over the years.  Most of his ramblings and accusations of racial hatred were espoused in a clear sharp voice.  In fact, I often wish his words were so slurred and jumbled that no one could understand what he was saying. I heard Jackson in Phoenix years ago accusing a store manager for stopping a shoplifter.  The thief resisted arrest and fought back against the manager and a security guard.  They did their best to subdue Read more […]

Pastor Says ‘Love Your Neighbor Not Your Gun’

Daniel Darling, the senior pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, is saying that some people might think that as Christians “we love our guns more than our neighbors.” Pastor Darling is not saying that keeping and bearing arms is sinful, he is saying that we should put our emphasis elsewhere. We can love our neighbors and be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves” (Matt. 10:16) at the same time. I understand Pastor’s Darling’s concerns, but I think he is missing Read more […]

Supporting a $100 Dollar a Day Habit with Food Stamps

In 2011, the Federal Government spent $107 billion dollars on welfare programs for American families and children. Mandatory drug screening for social welfare recipients should be a moral imperative in the United States. Contrary to what liberals would like you to believe welfare recipient drug abuse is an epidemic in our nation. The black market food stamp business is bleeding the taxpayer and destroying lives every day. After 10 years of reckless behavior a Texas mother on welfare is facing Read more […]

Drones Blowing up American Homes

The explosion tore a hole in the bedroom wall and blew the nails out of the drywall. It was 6 in the morning, October 9 and the twelve-year-old girl was still sound asleep when it detonated in her room. The explosive device was a weapon of war and it came into her home without warning. With a flash she suddenly felt searing pain. She survived, thankfully. Photographic evidence shows there is a big area on her side where her skin was blackened from the heat. According to reports from the region, Read more […]

TSA Agents Caught Smuggling Cocaine and Heroin at Atlanta Airport

If you’re a drug dealer, sex offender, a child molester or have some other criminal record, and you’re having trouble looking for work, look no further than the TSA. They employ all sorts of people with shady backgrounds and questionable characters, to say the least. Who else would be willing to grope little kids and grandmothers and look at images of people’s naked bodies on their X-ray scanners? And it’s all in the name of keeping us safe from terrorists. I’m sure that’s what Richard Cook and Read more […]