Political Privilege on Display in Kentucky

You see political privilege when a state senator claims to be exempt from DUI laws the rest of us must obey. There is an argument some will make that DUI laws are too strict and somewhat arbitrary. Others will disagree. I can respect both sides of the argument. What I can’t respect is someone who wants the laws to stay in place for everyone except himself because he is so special. So now we have this report from WKYT: “State senator wants DUI charge dismissed based on 1891 rule.” A Read more […]

No Surprise Here: Man Arrested for DUI Blows .000

Surprise is actually the name of a city in Arizona. When you read a news article about an incident there, you keep waiting for some kind of punch line. In Surprise, Arizona, there was a Surprise man who was arrested by Surprise police officers. The surprise in this particular incident however is not really all that surprising. A 64-year-old retired firefighter named Jesse Thornton was arrested for DUI even though he blew a .000. His schedule is such that he sleeps during the day and runs errands Read more […]

A Fine Proposal

I have a wonderful idea. Let’s abolish all fines paid to the civil government for traffic violations. Every one of them. Speeding tickets, parking tickets, DUIs. You name it. I want them all abolished. Why? Because they are illogical, ineffective, and immoral. Why are they illogical? For one, why should you pay the civil government money for breaking a law. This makes no sense. If I have damaged someone’s life or property, by all means the civil government should require me to pay for what Read more […]

Will Gloria Allred Try to Destroy Mitt Romney with an ‘October Surprise’?

That’s what some people are saying. Gloria Allred will neither confirm nor deny the rumor. Why should see? It’s supposed to be a surprise. Allred is famous for defending the salacious. When accusations were leveled at Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, Allred was in the middle of the action. Publicity is her middle name. It’s not so much about winning; it’s more about destroying the opposition whether or not there is a case to be made. Of course, money also helps. Back in Read more […]