No One Is Shocked at Ebola Security Theater

The Washington Times tells us what we already knew—that the TSA is merely performing Ebola security theater. Since when is it news that TSA activities are totally ineffective, and a colossal waste of manpower, tax dollars, and everyone’s time? [See also, “Private, For-Profit, Company Fighting Ebola Successfully.”] The Washington Post thought it was worth reporting confirmation of what we all already know: “These scientific studies show that airport Ebola screenings are largely Read more […]

If You Need Proof Obama Is a Control Freak…

Barack Obama often seems disengaged, so why is he acting like a control freak over state Ebola quarantines. While I think the President’s agenda often reveal him to be a control freak, I don’t see it often in his personal behavior as chief executive. He seems to care more about golf than many issues that seem important to others. So what is going on that the President is actively opposing things that are not his business and should not be his concern? Consider this New York Times Read more […]

Ebola Case in New York City!

Officials are now tracking down and quarantining all the people who were in contact with the latest Ebola case, a doctor who had been working in Guinea. More ABC news videos | ABC Health News From ABC News: “Doctor Isolated at New York City Hospital Tests Positive for Ebola” A New York doctor who recently returned from West Africa has tested positive for Ebola and is being isolated at a Manhattan hospital, city and state officials said Thursday night. The doctor, who has been identified Read more […]

Nassim Talem: An Ebola Overreaction Is Rational

An Ebola overreaction demonstrates accurate knowledge of mathematics. The headline caught my eye from Business Insider: “Nassim Taleb: Here’s What People Don’t Understand About Ebola.” Multiplication — that’s what people don’t understand about Ebola, according to Nassim Taleb, the author of “Fooled by Randomness” and “The Black Swan.” Nassim Taleb knows math. He would have made a better Ebola Czar than the over-fertilized political potted-plant the President named to the post. Read more […]

Ebola Czar Choice Shows How Obama Got Elected

The Ebola Czar shows that people want to believe in magic. They want to believe in magic people who work like genies granting wishes. It is pretty clear that no one knows how to manage the PR and the real health risks involved in the African Ebola epidemic. So what do they do? They find someone who they want to believe will make all the hard decisions for them. If that person fails, the blame will be put on him. If he succeeds, Barack Obama will take the credit (though he will generously give Read more […]

Government Ebola Lie: Outbreak Result of Global Warming

The U.S. Government is an Ebola lie factory. Alleged man-made global warming or climate change has become the new version of the Devil or witchcraft. All the evils in the world, and every evil, can be blamed on it. Thus, CNS News: “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Ebola: ‘Consequence of Deforestation and Climate Change’” The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service posted on its website an article that claims Ebola is a “direct consequence” of manmade climate change. The article also Read more […]

Why the Centers for Disease Control Hides the Truth

I’ve already posted today about the problem with treating the Centers for Disease Control as the central authority that can save us. Perhaps the CDC’s “quiet” changes in the description of Ebola and its dangers will help us see the problem more clearly. According to the Daily Caller, “CDC Quietly Lowered Critical Ebola Temperature After Nurse Became Ill.” The Centers for Disease Control quietly lowered the official threshold for what it considers significant fever after the Read more […]

CDC Proves Central Power Is Not the Solution to All Problems

We have been treated to a string of stories asserting or assuming that only central power can save us from an Ebola plague. But the facts don’t add up. Monday, I pointed out how the media was campaigning for more centralized authority as the self-evident solution to our risk of an outbreak. The big problem is that states have autonomy and the CDC can only offer advice that no one is required to obey. If only we had a Federal cadre of doctor-dictators telling us all what to do, then we would Read more […]

Ebola Is Not the Reason the Stock Market Is Groaning

We don’t need Ebola to explain sinking stock prices. It is amazing the market has lasted as long as it has. I often wonder if those who read the news even believe what they’re saying. ABC Radio News yesterday talked about the plummeting stock market, and they identified the reason for this week’s collapse. No, they didn’t talk about a runaway Congress which has stolen more taxpayer money than ever this year—while still running a half-a-trillion dollar deficit. No, they didn’t blame Read more […]

Why Don’t We Ban Travel from Liberia?

The administration claims that it would do no good to ban travel from Liberia, but there are reasons to doubt their claim.   It is still not a time to panic, but the Administration has definitely brought us closer. At the Washington Post website we read: “The ominous math of the Ebola epidemic.” “The speed at which things are moving on the ground, it’s hard for people to get their minds around. People don’t understand the concept of exponential growth,” said Tom Frieden, Read more […]

Ebola Is Not a Reason for Increased Centralized Power

The spread of the disease might be halted by increased centralized power, but it also might be spread faster. The assumptions in this USA Today story are rather obvious: As Thomas Eric Duncan’s family mourns the USA’s first Ebola death in Dallas, one question reverberates over a series of apparent missteps in the case: Who is in charge of the response to Ebola? The answer seems to be — there really isn’t one person or agency. There is not a single national response. […] “One of the Read more […]

Why the Government Can’t Keep Ebola Facts Straight

The President’s Ebola Facts Contradict Other Government Sources. There are theoretical reasons to expect the government to hide the truth and even put out contradictory information. In theory, one duty of the modern state is to protect the population from diseases or plagues. But, given the needs of government, this translates into three drives or agendas of the state: Protect people from disease by informing them how to protect themselves. Prevent the people from panicking by misinforming Read more […]