The Real Reason the Seattle Mayor Thinks the City’s $15/Hour Minimum Wage is Model for the Nation

If you remember, it wasn’t too long ago that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was trying to soften the blow of Seattle’s promised $15 per hour minimum wage law. But having tantalized the people who voted radicals into the city government, there was no way the system would permit him or anyone else to ameliorate the damage. The proposed minimum wage is now law. Naturally, the Mayor is now boasting about this new law. But his boasting contains a revelation of what he hopes for: a bailout of his policy. From Read more […]

Minimum Wage: Liberal Seattle Business Owners Now Facing Monster They Created

I heard this story this morning on NPR. It made me smile. Some politicians in Seattle are campaigning for a $15/hour minimum wage. But now reality is suddenly dawning on people. The current Mayor, Ed Murray, campaigned on the mandated pay hike, but now he is trying to slow down the movement. He is trying to come up with some kind of compromise that will count benefits and tips into the total. He wants to find a way that will allow him to claim to have kept his promise, but that won’t damage the Read more […]