The Great Education Swindle

In his book, How Do We Know, Leonard Read claims that Napoleon Bonaparte was “more than anyone, responsible for government ‘education’ in the U.S.A.” As a firm believer in “education” (i.e. indoctrination), Napoleon was an early proponent of government-funded schools. Interestingly, Napoleon was less concerned with elementary education and allowed these to be administrated by local municipalities and religious groups. A true centralizer, Napoleon was more interested in secondary education, Read more […]

The Federal Temptation

As a follow-up to a recent article, I thought a related idea was in order. A large part of what is involved in getting government out of our daily lives is getting us out of government. Leonard Read makes the point: Prosperity breeds a peculiar temptation—the temptation to solicit economic privileges from government. I am acquainted with many Americans, outstanding in their specializations, who seek special privileges—living off others by coercive governmental interventions. They yield to temptation, Read more […]