Enforcing Equality Is the Destruction of Private Businesses

Bureaucrats like enforcing equality because they like wielding power, not because they care about a just society. The fact that we have people working for the Federal government, looking for malcontents, to justifying bullying and vandalizing businesses, is a disgusting outrage. Enforcing equality is a scam. The newest instance of social justice, fighting discrimination, enforcing equality, or whatever, comes to us from the Federal Court in Eugene, Oregon, regarding nefarious practices Read more […]

Our Government Says You are a Potential Terrorist

If you dig long and deep enough it’s amazing what can be uncovered when it comes to who our government considers to be a potential terrorist. You don’t even have to use the Freedom of Information Act to hunt down the stuff to reveal what some government officials think of ordinary American citizens. The folks at The Truth website have done a great job compiling “72 Types of Terrorists” specified by highly paid bureaucrats. It seems that everybody’s a terrorist except for those groups that are actually Read more […]

Liberals Want to ‘Rehabilitate’ Christians

The homofascist rainbow-shirts are at it again. They’ve unsheathed, once more, their anti-Christian long knives. Back in April, I wrote “Religious freedom and ‘gay marriage’ cannot coexist”: “‘Gay pride’ necessitates anti-Christian hate. It must. ‘Gay marriage’ and other ‘sexual orientation’-based laws do violence to freedom and truth. They are the hammer with which the postmodern left intends to bludgeon bloody religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic.” Liberals Read more […]

Religious Liberty is the Next Shoe to Drop

While poorly decided U.S. Supreme Court cases are a dime a dozen, prior to last Wednesday, two stood out among the most wretched and constitutionally groundless in American History. First was the 1857 Dred Scott decision. Among other things, it robbed African-Americans of both their U.S. citizenship and their dignity. Next came the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade. It has robbed over 55 million U.S. citizens of their very lives. For the first time in American history, the high court imagined a phantom Read more […]