What You Know Just Ain’t So: Evolution

A man known as Josh Billings, one of the leading American humorists during the second half of the nineteenth century, once said this: “It ain’t what a man don’t know that makes him a fool…It’s all the things he does know…that just ain’t so.” I think we can heartily agree that it’s a problem when a man or woman takes action based on beliefs that are flawed.  It’s really a recipe for disaster. The same is true for a culture and its government.  No matter how much Read more […]

Why Young Opt Out Of Obamacare: Can’t Afford Health Care For Rich Grandparents

There is so much to hate about Obamacare that I overlooked something obvious: It steals from the poor and gives to the rich. For years, going back to the nineties at least, people have been claiming that inducing young people to buy health insurance they don’t need would help lower the rates of everyone. Perhaps in the nineties the booming economy didn’t make this seem as evil as it is. Perhaps the plan has been around so long that many are too accustomed to the idea to think about what they Read more […]

Why Do We Treat Prisoners Better Than Our Elderly?

Having the wonderful wife that I do, she often sends me things that may be worth writing about and this is one of them.  She gleaned these words of wisdom from someone’s post on Facebook.  I often ignore these, but this one got my attention, partially because I once worked in the intensive care section of a nursing home and partially because I am utterly disgusted with our prison system. The wonderful words of wisdom are: “Here is some food for thought…We should place the elderly in prisons. Read more […]

Another Obamacare Tax Now in Effect

Only in the sick and twisted mind of the liberal would Obamacare be seen as compassionate for seniors. Liberals can rant all day about how conservatives want people to die in the streets because they don’t want them to have affordable healthcare. They can rave all day about how Obama just wants to provide affordable, even free, healthcare for everybody, including the elderly. Obamacare is turning out to be a giant, festering sore that has been covered up for the past two years by politicians and Read more […]