Hillary Laughs as Questioner Discusses Strangling Fiorina

What’s good for the gander should be good for the goose. Remember when an audience member-slash-Democrat-plant at a Trump rally called President Obama a Muslim, and The Donald had to put up with a round of media criticism for not correcting the (alleged) error? The questioner described Muslims in the United States as a “problem” and asked “When can we get rid of them?” Suddenly, Trump was an anti-Muslim zealot and “wingnut” because he didn’t take some random guy to task and instead gave Read more […]

Liberals Lynch Ben Carson in Media

A century and a half after slavery and the Democrats are still trying to keep black people down on the plantation. If Clarence Thomas’ experience in getting Senate approval to be a Supreme Court justice didn’t make it clear, Dr. Ben Carson’s experience in running for president does: If you’re black and you don’t toe the Democrat Party line, then you’re going to be lynched in public. So far, the Left hasn’t been able to pin any real scandals on Carson, so some of them are just setting their Read more […]

Vote Republican so You Can Make Obama’s List

Ah, Election Day, the day when we plebeians get to cast off our shackles and overthrow our masters — or not. Every election is important to the larger community, but some elections stand out as being potential game changers. This is one of those. Having been ignored by the majority of voters in the past two presidential elections, conservatives might be excused for being excited about today. The past two presidential elections were opportunities to prevent America from falling into a death Read more […]

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Understands American Politics

In a so-called “Democracy Forum” held on the Indonesian island of Bali yesterday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rightly criticized the cost of the recent president and congressional elections ($6 billion at last estimate), calling it a “battleground for capitalists.” Proving that he well understands the modern American political machine, Ahmadinejad further stated that “democracy has turned into the rule of a minority over the majority.” Truer words have seldom been uttered. Say Read more […]

You can’t be civil in a street fight

The 2012 election the popular vote proved that over half of our nation is now willing to pledge allegiance to a Republic where socialism, infanticide, sexual perversions and a Godless society are more desirable than righteousness. How many more elections will it take before decent people realize that we are in a street fight for the soul of our nation and as it is in life, you can’t be civil in a street fight and expect to win. While conservative Americans lick their wounds from the resounding Read more […]

Facebook Covers for Obama on Benghazi, Suspends SEALs Page

Add Facebook to the cadre of media that are helping President Obama cover up his responsibility for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. The Special Operations Speaks PAC last week posted an image comparing SEALs’ loyalty when Obama needed them to how two SEALs were ignored by the White House during the firefight at the U.S. mission on September 11. The meme was shared by more than 30,000 and seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Over the weekend, Facebook apparently panicked, Read more […]

Election spending tops $2 billion

The next time someone tells you that elections don’t matter, you can tell them that you have $2 billion dollars that says they do. Fundraising for the 2012 presidential election has just surpassed the 2 billion dollar mark. For those unmoved due to the modern regularity of hearing such astounding numbers—2 billion equals 2000 million. In other words, a million dollars were raised and spent more than two thousand times in order to determine who will become the next President of the United States. Read more […]

Under the Radar, Tea Party Shaping Election

It’s been said that the Revolutionary War was one of the first guerrilla wars. The British army was used to fighting on open fields, marching in fixed columns toward the enemy and firing in formation. When King George sent his troops to try to crush the Colonials, the Redcoats had superior numbers, better weapons and advanced training on their side. But the Redcoats would often take severe losses from small bands of barely organized Colonial fighters who would suddenly appear from the brush Read more […]