What Will You Undo For Me?

In his book titled “What I Saw in America,” G.K. Chesterton wrote the following: We are perpetually being told in the papers that what is wanted is a great man who will do things.  What is wanted is a great man who will undo things; and that will be a real test of greatness. These days, in my home State of Maryland, and probably in your home state as well, this is precisely what we need.  And we should follow Chesterton’s advice most especially in the upcoming elections. Our Maryland Read more […]

Fox & Henhouse: Obama Admin Proposes Campaign Restrictions On Tax-Exempt Orgs

I have to wonder: Is “Obama” a Swahili expression for the English word, “shameless.” The Administration is proposing new laws restricting tax exempt organizations from political campaigns. Marketwatch reports: The Treasury Department and the IRS on Tuesday proposed limiting the political activities of tax-exempt organizations, including campaign advertising and “get-out-the-vote” drives. The Obama administration expects its so-called “guidance” will draw a large number of comments Read more […]

Bring Back The Poll Tax—With A Twist

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who is a slightly more feminine version of Rachel Maddow, agrees with numerous articles at liberal outlets (The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Slate, etc.) that blame the current gridlock in Washington on American’s Constitution. It’s the Constitution’s fault, they say, because no single branch of government has greater power than another, and therefore the Democrat-run Senate can’t simply do whatever it wants. The Constitution set up a system of checks and balances to Read more […]

Developing a Long-Term Post-Election Strategy

The election’s over. Now what do we do? What will be the strategy of the non-voters? They will complain, harp, criticize, and bloviate how they are not responsible for the way the election turned out. They will continue to be irrelevant for the next four years. How about the anti-Romney non-voters who didn’t vote because Romney was not good enough and he is “no different from Obama”? Will they work to change the GOP? No. Will they offer an alternative that has a chance of winning? No. Read more […]

No Voter-ID Means More Democrat Voters in November

A recent Washington Post poll showed that “74 percent of Americans favor government-issued photo ID mandates at polling places.” This meant little to CNN because the network, whose ratings are in the proverbial toilet, ignored those numbers “in six separate segments on voter ID laws.” A majority of Americans believe that showing identification is simply common sense when identification is necessary to identify someone. When it comes to voting, liberals are incensed that anyone would have Read more […]

A Test for the Tea Party and the Downfall of the GOP Establishment

There are a number of big elections across America today. Georgia has one. The GOP establishment wants us to vote for a tax increase for transportation. It’s called the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax or T-SPLOST. The proposed 10-year, 1-cent regional sales tax will raise some $18.7 billion statewide. It’s been described as a bloated boondoggle. There’s a sign near our home touting a 2006 tax that was passed by the voters. The multi-acre tract has a small shed and some Read more […]