“Burn Baby Burn”? Does the U.S. Use Dead Preborns to Provide Electricity?

When I read Bob’s post last month, “From the Nation That Gave Us the Magna Carta: Burning Babies for Indoor Climate Control,” I breathed a sigh of relief. At least it isn’t happening here, I thought to myself. But it is! I don’t understand how it works because I don’t see how incinerating a tiny corpse can generate enough electricity to be worth the transport costs, but according to LifeSite news, something similar is going on in Oregon, courtesy of abortions in Vancouver, British Read more […]

Sweden Has Answer To America’s Garbage Problem

No, I am not referring to Capitol Hill, but rather to the hills of garbage and trash that are mounding up in landfills across our nation. Let’s face it, we Americans produce a great deal of garbage and waste and there will come a time in the very near future when we no longer have a place to put it.  Perhaps we need to take a lesson from the Swedes. To begin with, Sweden is one of the most recycling nations on planet earth.  Some reports claim that they recycle as much as 96% of all the Read more […]