An Arizona City Government Sneaks In Spy Grid

A spy grid of cactus-disguised license-plate-reading cameras was imposed on a city without residents’ knowledge. Do you think anyone would vote city officials into power if they thought that they would use city funds to arrange a spy grid of surveillance cameras? Paradise Valley, Arizona, has given us an answer to that question. They installed video cameras hidden in fake cactus plants. It seems they thought that the voters might not like it. Obviously, the actual installations could Read more […]

Hertz Puts Cameras in Cars But Promises No Spying

Why put cameras in cars if you don’t plan to use them? So according to a Hertz spokesman there is nothing to worry about. An article at reports, Hertz has offered the NeverLost navigational device for years, but it only added the built-in camera feature (which includes audio and video) to its latest version of the device — NeverLost 6 — in mid-2014. “Approximately a quarter of our vehicles across the country have a NeverLost unit and slightly more than half of those vehicles Read more […]

Electronic Records: Convenience for Big Brother

The government may have bad motives for mandating electronic records. Recently I’ve heard stories on the radio about the need for doctors and other medical professionals to convert their paper filing systems into electronic records. It seems there are both grants available to help with expenses in making the conversion and even fines for those who resist the process. All paper needs to be converted to data for “the cloud.” These stories take for granted that there is nothing but an upside Read more […]

Big Brother Is Watching You Eat

We have another technology that will enable a more intrusive Big Brother surveillance system “for your own good.” The Michelle Obamas of the world must be salivating over this opportunity. Those who are absolutely convinced they “know what is best” for us—in everything—love every new opportunity to rule our lives. The Telegraph reports: “The vending machine of the future is here, and it knows who you are.” The vending machine brought an element of anonymity to snacking: you Read more […]

Feds Make Police Hide Their Use of Spying Tech

While we’re supposed to trust the government to reform the NSA, the government is trying to hide other forms of spying from us. The Obama Administration has been trying to get the police to keep quiet about their ability to spy on people. Associated Press published a lengthy report on how the Federal government is overriding state open-records laws to hide police departments’ purchase and use of tools for spying. One example among several in the article: In Sarasota, Florida, the U.S. Marshals Read more […]

“Minority Report” Style Computers Running Surveillance to Predict Crime

Did you see the movie “Minority Report,” wherein the government had a “pre-crime” division that took down people before they committed crimes? Ready for a real-life version? How about cities with total surveillance camera coverage, and computers “analyzing behavior” so they can point police to potential lawbreakers. Consider this story: “Introducing AISight: The slightly scary CCTV network completely run by A.I.” Imagine a major city completely covered by a video surveillance system designed Read more […]